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Exciting websites

that convert


My name's hugo

But not only that. Creative bulimic, I have fun in video, graphic design, motion design, and more. A passionate self-taught person, I spend whole nights learning new techniques to offer unique solutions to my clients.

With a regular agency

With Hugo Newton

A graphic designer

A motion designer

A developer

An integrator

A single person who manages
the entire project from A to Z

That's a lot of people to pay

One expert, no unnecessary expenses

It takes time when you have to change something

Fewer actors, more efficiency

Why choose
Hugo Newton?

There are thousands of developers/designers. So why should you choose Hugo Newton for your project? My creative approach will allow you to stand out from the competition.

100% bespoke

No templates, we're starting with a blank sheet of paper! Each project is an original creation, designed specifically to meet your needs and perfectly reflect your unique identity.

Creativity and style

I create up-to-date designs and use cutting-edge technology to create unique visual experiences that captivate your visitors and reinforce your brand image.

For me, creation is a passion before being a profession. Spending 4 hours in front of the screen to find THE perfect color for your project? No worries that's what I love doing.

You are in control

I am giving you the keys to easily and quickly modify the content of your website, so that you can update it without depending on anyone, and without having to pay someone each time.

No over-billing

No unpleasant surprises, we draw up a clear quote and then we stick to it! You know what you're paying for.

Single contact

No slow, impersonal customer service. You have a single contact person dedicated to your project (me), and I'll always be there for you.

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I can do

It is often said that it is better to specialize in a particular field to become an expert, it is true but it is the fact of being an expert in different fields that allows me to satisfy my customers in 100% of cases.







What people
Tell me about me

Discover the various reviews from clients following freelance missions to create website mockups, website development and motion design.

Hugo started by changing our commercial and organizational supports for the Grand Rex. This concerns the event, corporate, show, cinema part. A promotional video was then made to highlight the possibilities of privatizing Grand Rex spaces. Very nice rendering, very nice result, so we immediately followed up with him on a total redesign of the website. Whether on that or on the video, that always went well.

Hugo is a very responsive person, who understands the challenges of his client well and who is really interested in the impact that this will have for him. He has always been a source of proposals. He has a very modern vision, it really made us feel good this breath of fresh air that he brought us.

Reachable all the time, always good advice, a real human pleasure to work with him. The advantage is that he has already had a lot of 360 experiences (video, graphic design etc.) so he brings this artistic vision that makes the difference and allows us to stand out from the others.

We are super proud of our website and we have had very good feedback on it, very very satisfied with the results, we hope that he will continue to work with us. Thank you Hugo we are very very happy with the result!

Ephemera went up a level thanks to Hugo. He took care of the entire redesign of the site in record time, always with these watchwords, which for me are essential for a company like ours: speed, professionalism, talent and flexibility.

The mission went wonderfully with a result well above our expectations. Hugo's double hat with the design part and the development part makes it possible to have real follow-up, to trust only one person and to have an extremely coherent result. In just a few weeks we had a beautiful, functional site that met all our expectations.:)

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